Eyeline Golf – Balls of Steel


The Ball of Steel is one of EyeLine’s hottest products for a reason.

After 20 strokes, the light bulb comes on and you start making strokes that are accelerating, crisp, and solid. At 5 times the weight of a normal golf ball, you quickly see and FEEL where your stroke is loose. Your body will auto-correct and your putts will drop!

Getting Started with the Ball of Steel

Start your practice with the Ball of Steel by trying to roll putts a few feet, make about 25 strokes. You won’t be used to the weight of the ball, so don’t be surprised if you double hit a few before you learn to carry your momentum through the ball. You will get the hang of it by your 10th stroke. It’s a blast!

The Ball of Steel Demands a Square Putter Face 

Since the ball is so heavy, it rolls absolutely true off the face… it will not be bumped offline 🙂 Learning to hit the ball solid has never been so quick.

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