Eyeline Golf – Target Circles 6ft


Time for some target practice!

Quality practice always requires good targets, that’s why Eyeline made the Target Circles. They are colorful to catch your eye. Thin (1/16”) so they don’t interfere with the roll of the ball. Easy to toss down and pick up. Foldable to create half circles. Three size diameters: 3′, 6′, and 12′. They make practice time full of games… and personal bests.

  • Super Thin – They are very thin so the ball rolls over the target without disturbance.
  • Multiple Configurations – They can be made into full and half-circles for all the games your brain can come up with.
  • Shatter Resistant – They are made with sewn webbing hinges and shatter-resistant plastic to withstand the rigors of practice.

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